One Free Credit Report Per Year Provided By The Government


FCRA “The Fair Credit Reporting Act”  Demands all the largest 3 major credit agencies in the US: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, to provide all American citizens a copy of your own CreditReport at no cost, one time each yr…. Most of us do not know, have never heard or do not care they are entitled to a “free credit report” once a year. Why is it important for you to receive your free creditreport? AnnualCreditReport.Com

  • If you never check your credit report, you have no idea, if or what, inaccuracies are present. There may be entries that have a significant impact on your ability to obtain credit, may influence your interest rates on credit cards and personal loans, and may prevent you from obtaining a job.
  • If inaccuracies exist, under federal law, you have the right to have them corrected.
  • If you discover your report contains inaccurate information, the agency must correct it.
  • If an item is incomplete, the agency must complete it. Examples include late payments, no longer late, or if you had a bankruptcy 12 years ago, and it is still reported, you might request the agency update your credit report information. Bankruptcy usually stays on your report ten years.
  • If your file shows an account that belongs to another person, one not authorized on your account, the agency must delete it. AnnualCreditReport.Com

One Free Credit Report Per Year


There is only one site authorized under the U.S law to manage and provide the free annual credit report program… Several other internet sites, attempting to take advantage of the law, claim to offer “free credit reports.” The consumer must be aware; these companies are not part of the program.

Companies offering free reports requiring you sign up for their monitoring service, also include the three reporting services, & are charging fees up to $30.00 per month. FreeCreditReport.Com

If you do not need credit monitoring, you don’t have to sign up for it to receive a free report. These companies provide a service for which they are making a fortune luring consumers to their site under the premise of receiving free reports. They will give you a free report, but you must provide all your personal information and sign up for their service to get one. AnnualCreditReport.Com

If you do not need credit report monitoring, and you need to pay a monthly charge to get a freecreditreport, it is not free. www.freecreditreport

To receive your One Free Credit Report Per Year, visit Do not contact any of the three reporting agencies. By law, they are required to provide free annual credit reports exclusively through

The form is easy to complete, you get your report immediately, you may get a report from one or all three agencies, you can print the report, and they never ask for a credit card. You do not get your credit score, it is about $8.00 and may be obtained from the reporting credit agency. It is not a part of your free credit report. Based on your report, you can decide if you want to pay for your credit score.FreeCreditReport.Com

Most important, you’ll know where you stand in relation to your credit worthiness in planning your current and future credit health.

Free Credit Report Com

Free Credit Report From the Government

FreeCreditReport from the government is the best gift to every American. Without a doubt it is pertinent information on paper that gives details on an individual’s financial standing in the market. His financial power and his credibility can be ascertained with the help of this free annual credit report, which he is entitled to once every year. This is a crisp and decisive tool for both; those who want to take current prime interest rate and for the financial institutions as well. Some people who are smart will request their free AnnualCreditReport  well in time. Those who are not even aware of it or do not consider its importance, regret later when they come to know of the interest rate being much higher than what they expected it to be.

Who maintains the record of credit transactions?

It is very essential that everybody requests for this very easily available free credit report from the fed government. Moreover it is absolutely free and you will not have to pay for any report that you take, irrespective of the mode. There are three agencies that keep and maintain a record of any transaction that you make through credit. These agencies were established many years ago with a sole purpose of making an assessment of and putting together related information about potential people who could apply for a loan. These are Experian, Transunion and Equifax. You can collect your annual credit report from all of them at the same time or after a gap of some time. It is better to collect spacing out time so that you are updated on your credit history throughout the year. FreeCreditReport.Com

Where to get online CreditReport & its benefits? AnnualCreditReport.Com

There is only one internet web-site that is approved to give you online free AnnualCreditReport. This central website has been set up with the collaboration of three agencies and is popular as annual Any person can use his credit report to confirm his identity as well as to prevent his identity from being stolen as happens quite often. For taking any loans on current prime interest rate, you can show your report to the creditor and he will expedite loan process. With the help of this CreditReport, you will be able to know your exact creditworthiness from time to time. There are experts who can tell you how to improve your credit scores.

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